cg trekking introduction

CG Trekking Store, situated in Dunai, is the only trekking store of Dolpa that was established in 2007. Since its establishment, we have provided our services to almost 1000 pax or 200 groups and our main business market are the trekking agencies of Kathmandu and Pokhara. We also cater to the requirements of individuals who are interested in trekking in the breathtaking Dolpa! The main objective of CG Trekking Store is to promote Dolpa as a tourism destination, in spite of the various difficulties, and to attract more tourists to the region so that they too can enjoy the natural beauty of the region. The store also operates to address the various problems faced by trekking companies that operate from Kathmandu. In addition to the trekking agencies and our valued clients who undertake our services, there is no doubt that even the locals of Dolpa have benefited with the establishment of the store. We look forward to your collaboration with our trekking store as you will not only assist in promoting Dolpa as a tourist haven but you will also be supporting the locals of Dolpa.

We use various forms of transportation including horses, mules, yaks and donkeys and we have employed the local people as porters to assist our guests. We are committed to providing our services throughout the year, even during the season when Yarchagumba, a very valuable herb, is collected. Thus, we at CG Trekking Store, assure you that the store will provide its services round the clock throughout the year as our directors know the area very well and can work at odd hours as well. Our long experience in the tourism sector has taught us that while operating any kind of trekking activities, all the decisions should be made based on reality and its practicability. CG Trekking Store, in its effort to assist in the upliftment of the living standard of the locals, has employed the local people as its staffs. All our employees are fully capable to fulfill their responsibility and they give top priority to the safety of our clients. We provide all the necessary gears and equipments during the treks.

In light of the relative drawbacks of the Dolpa region and the flight problems that can be faced, we plan for the logistics and organize all our trekking trips in advance so that our clients do not face any kind of problems while they are on their trekking trip. This assists in greatly reducing your operating cost, however, you need not worry about the freshness of the stored foodstuffs because the director knows how to keep them fresh without compromising on their quality and hygiene. We also know that the company will only be successful if it keeps its clients happy by providing quality food and services. read more »


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  • Name :Sleeping Bag
  • Weight : 100kgs
  • Price : $100 per day
  • Color : Red and Blue